Most Frequently Asked Questions

Dinner-Dances are held at least once a week, that is 52+ events a year! Our events are open to ALL Singles so if you’re Single, you’re welcome to attend! (you don’t need to be a member to attend our events)

We have been in business since 1994 and started in a small, popular coffee shop called Cindy’s Corner in Burbank, CA. There was even a song written for “Cindy’s Corner” at one time.

We currently have 2 Offices in Southern California – Alhambra & Monterey Park.

There are no ridiculous high monthly fees like other dating sites. We are not an “online dating service”. We don’t believe in wasting time sending emails back and forth to someone you’ve never met or don’t even know really exists. At Cindy’s Singles, you can go to any event we have every week and meet someone right away OR you can join our Personal Introduction Service and meet someone even sooner! That’s what separates us from the rest and has made Cindy’s Singles the premier source for meeting Singles. No games, no gimmicks no run around.

Yes! Non-members are always welcome to attend any of our events where they will be able to freely socialize, mix and mingle with others. About 50% who attend our events are non-members.

Over 30,000+ members and still counting! New members are joining every day!

Unlike other businesses in our industry, the profiles you see from Cindy’s Singles are all ACTUAL members and NOT photos from magazines or models. Our huge success comes mainly from word of mouth! We are the largest Asian to Non-Asian Singles organization in Southern California! We’ve been around the longest and have more experience in matching people who are really compatible.

All our Events are open to members AND non-members. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Our popularity has drastically grown over the past few years. Cindy’s Singles has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, magazines, talk shows and even news reports, however, majority of our success comes from word of mouth!

You should choose Cindy’s Singles, if you are serious about meeting someone special. Since Cindy’s is the biggest Los Angeles Asian/American singles club, we can offer you more choices and possibilities. Since we have been in business doing nothing but introductions for so long, we have the experience to help you find your best match.

If at any time, you see someone you would like to meet either at one of our parties or on our website but is just too shy to approach them, don’t worry! That’s where our Personal Introduction Service comes into play. We have several “Plans” you can choose from to see which suits you best. We will then be able to give you a contact number (with permission of course) or set up a date where you can just meet on a one-on-one basis at a location where you are both comfortable.

We have thousands and thousands of profiles in our offices for you to view. Each profile features the members’ stats, brief bio and a photo. If you decide the Personal Introduction Service is right for you, you will be able to choose the member(s) you would like to meet.

Currently, 90% of our female members are Asian including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Phillipino, Thai, and Vietnamese. Keep in mind, we are open to ALL SINGLES regardless of ethnicity. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

About 80% of our male members are Caucasian and 20% other.

We offer a better dating experience and higher quality introductions in several ways:
1. With online services, you are not always sure what you are getting. people are free to exagerate or misrepresent themselves. At CS, all members must sign a document confirming the validity of their information.
2. With online services, no one checks the validity of the photo. At CS, all members must be seen in person, use an actual picture of themself.
3. With online services, you can waste weeks exchanging email with someone who may not look like or be the person they appear to be. With CS, you may well talk to that person on the phone the same day and meet face to face, shortly thereafter.
4. With CS, you have someone who knows both you and your potential match and is working to faciliate a good meeting.

Yes you can! We have posted just a few profiles and photos of our members on our website so you can see and get an idea of what some of our members are like. You will notice that we have a BIG range of singles from 20s to 50s and from students to professionals. We don’t limit ourselves to a certain “type” and that’s because we know everyone has different preferences when looking for a partner. Whether it’s for Romance, Love or just Friendship, Cindy’s Singles is here to help you find it! (please note we are in the process of adding more profiles so check back periodically)

Cindy or one of the staff will contact the member you chose to find out if he or she is interested in meeting you before we proceed to set up an introduction. If it’s a “yes”, we will provide you with the member’s actual contact information so you can arrange and set up a date where both of you will be most comfortable.

Majority, 90% of our members live in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, 5% in other states and 5% out of the country.

Frankly, it’s very hard to say. We’ve been doing these events for years and the ratio of men to women is ALWAYS different. Sometimes, we have more women than men, sometimes more men than women but majority of the time it’s about equal.

Please feel free to call or email us anytime if you should have any more questions.

We are always here to help!

Cindy’s Singles LLC

Alhambra office:  (818) 355-0318

Email: [email protected]

Please feel free to call or email us anytime if you should have any more questions.

We are always here to help!

Cindy’s Singles LLC

Alhambra office:
 (818) 355-0318

Email: [email protected]